It's all about the Romance

 Hey!  Grab a seat, stay a while, let's get to know each other.  Yes, I'm a photographer but you already know this. I'm also a wife and mom of three, a  chocolate lover, a writer and an obsessive cleaner. My husband is a videographer and so we work together, he's my biggest fan and my worst critic, you'll see his work here too.  


I listen to Italian music  (no, I don't speak italian, go figure)  I just think  it's  so darn romantic, but soca is a good  I love classical art, the old masters like Caravaggio and Rembrandt, how they crafted light and emotion in their images.  That's just what I'm trying to do; create beautiful imagery that would stand the test of time while being treasures to the people in them.  Take a look, tell me what you think?  BTW, if you know a good corny joke, send it to me in the  message box below.....I just can't get enough

My photography style reflects my love of all these things, when I'm capturing my subjects we laugh alot.  And then there's the romance, always romance.  It's my tagline because for me, both in love and in life........It's all about the romance.

Alicia Bonterre I Photographer

Love of beauty is taste.  The creation of beauty is art.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


After much research, I discovered Alicia’s work and was immediately captivated by her art and the way she saw women through her photography. She was indeed my first choice and not for a moment do I regret making it.


Working with Alicia was truly an amazing experience. Not only did she create magic with her camera, she made the entire shoot fun and perfectly captured both my fierce and playful nature in two gorgeous looks.

I would highly recommend Alicia Bonterre Photography if you’re looking to create poetry without words and see yourself for the exquisite individual you are.

Shivani C

The portraits she took were un-believeable........

I wanted to capture  a memorable time in my life and Alicia came highly recommended by a friend. This was one of the best decisions I made, the portraits she took were un-believable. Her ideas and creativity truly stood out, she is a truly talented photographer and it was pleasure to have been her client. She made the entire process easy for me and so enjoyable.

Leanna M.

She captured my soul.........

Alicia is a true artist. Why? Simple: She captured my soul. I looked at the photographs and saw the vibrant amazing woman that I am. They continue to remind me that I can be anything I want to be: temptress, rebel rock star or dreamer. This is more than having a portrait taken, it's about showing the world who you really are. Every time I look at my photos, I remember that my dreams have no boundaries! Thank you Alicia! 


Ruby M. 

Creating  poetry without words.........

Alicia Bonterre I Photographer

Let's  Make  Something Beautiful   Together

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