Wardrobe Tips for Family Photo Shoots


The big day is approaching and everyone is excited to have their portraits done but co-ordinating wardrobes can be a bit of a task. However, it is vital to give this some attention to in order to create beautiful family portraits. Here are some tips for preparing and choosing your wardrobe.

  • Think coordinating not matching. In most cases it’s nicer to have everyone in a co-ordinated colour scheme vs all the exact same colour. Think in terms of palettes, there are many online resources that can help you find a palette that would suit your family, there is also a guide at the bottom of this post you can use.

  • Stay away from bold patterns and keep prints to a minimum. Use accessories like hats, scarves, jewellery etc. to add some dimension to the wardrobe instead.

  • Remember to prepare your nails and hair before the shoot.

  • Avoid clothing with character prints, team t-shirts and branded caps etc.

  • Think classic, remember you would want these photos to be timeless keepsakes.

  • Avoid all white or all black clothing. If you love white or black then add some styling elements to break it up a bit.

  • Avoid clothing that wrinkles easily.

Think Classic

Comfortable Yet Timeless

  • Ladies, stay away from very short dresses or skirts.

  • If you are sensitive about your arms then avoid wearing no sleeve or strapless tops, a sleeve will be more flattering and slimming to arms.

  • Keep your location in mind, don’t wear party clothes to a garden or beach shoot for example.

  • Be comfortable. Clothing should not be too tight so as to prevent comfortable sitting or too loose to exaggerate your size.

  • Set out all the chosen clothing side by side to see how they all go together.

Of course there are always exceptions, use these as guides to help you pick out what's best for you.

Here are some colour palettes you can consider.

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