So much to do….so little time! Planning your schedule is important, get it done right so you can relax and enjoy the day you've spent months stressing over. If you are a DIY bride make sure to assign someone: a best friend, a sister or maid of honor to be responsible on the day for liaising with vendors and ensuring that things are running on schedule.

If you have a wedding planner then good for you, they will take all the stress off and deal with all the myriad of details that need to be sorted on the day. You can also consider a day coordinator, this person will be responsible to ensure all the vendors you have booked are dealt with, leaving you free to soak in the day. Here is a link to our website’s wedding planner/ day coordinator listing where you can find some very reliable and knowledgeable people, trust me, this is one of the best investments you can make.


- Make a detailed checklist with times. Start with the morning arrival of hair and make up right up to the packing up. Put a time on everything.

-Leave a little wiggle room. Account for delays due to weather or late arrivals of services etc.

-Print your schedule. Give a copy to everyone who would be assisting in making sure things run smoothly.

-Account for travel time to various locations. Find out the traffic situation on the day and time for getting to the various locations.

-Create a similar timeline for the groom if he is getting ready at a different location.

-Liaise with all your vendors a day or two before to ensure that they have the correct timelines and will arrive with enough time for their set up.

-Send out maps or locations to everyone to ensure they know where everything is taking place.

-Put the start time for the ceremony 15 to 30 minutes earlier than it actually is.


  • 10:00am—Hair and Makeup arrive

  • 12:00–2:00pm—Most vendors arrive for setup

  • 3:00pm—Leave to go to ceremony ( 30 minute drive)

  • 3:30pm—Doors open/Guests begin to arrive/Pre-ceremony music starts

  • 4:00pm—Invite time

  • 4:15pm—Ceremony starts

  • 4:35pm—Ceremony ends ( 20 minute drive to photo location)

  • 5:00pm—Arrive at location for photos

  • 6:15pm—Head out to reception (15 minute drive to recertion)

  • 6:40pm—Buffet opens/Dinner served

  • 7:20pm—Toasts

  • 7:40pm—First dance/ Garter toss/ Bouquet toss

  • 8:15pm—General dancing music starts

  • 8:00pm— Singer arrives (30 minutes)

  • 8:40pm— Photo booth opens ( 60 minutes)

  • 10:00pm—Music off – Guests Depart

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Alicia Bonterre | Photographer

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